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  • Refuge Church of God | Church of God | 595 Quincy Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

    THE PLACE OF SAFETY PLAN YOUR VISIT WHAT WE BELIEVE NEW? START HERE! LEARN MORE LIVESTREAM SERVICE WATCH NOW SUPPORT BY GIVING DONATE MEET OUR LEAD PASTOR KEVIN OSBOURNE An ordained minister of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), Rev. Kevin Osbourne has served as the Lead Pastor of Refuge Church of God in Brooklyn, New York, for the past sixteen years, with his partner in life and ministry, Rev. Tatum Monique Osbourne. LEARN MORE LISTEN TO SERMONS IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS 01. February Sermon Series Black people should know that they have always played a central role in God’s plan for humanity and were not an afterthought of the Creator. - Onleilove Alston Join us in the month of February to discover the black presence in the Bible. We are blessed and not cursed. Sundays at 12 PM 02. Clothing Give-Away We're at it again! Refuge is being the Church in the community. We are collecting gently used clothes, coats, shoes, and accessories to give away to those in need, especially the migrants in our Bed-Stuy community. ​ Items can be dropped off at the church on Sundays between 11 AM - 2 PM. 03. WeServ e: Leaders and Volunteers Meeting February 24th | 9 AM - 11 AM All leaders, volunteers, and those who want to know more about serving . 2023 Thanksgiving Outreach Highlights STAY UP TO DATE JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST UPCOMING EVENTS

  • MINISTRIES | Refuge Church of God

    LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR MINISTRIES From the music ministry to outreach, we have several places where you can use the gifts God has given you. There's a place for everyone. AUDIO VISUAL Manages the sound, cameras, and live-streaming for all services and events. LEARN MORE CHILDREN Kingdom Kids - serving ages 4 to 11. It's where Kids learn to love Jesus, develop their gifts/skills, and serve others. ​ Register your child/children today! LEARN MORE MEN M.O.V.E. (Men of Vision and Excellence) is a place where brothers are discipled to become committed Kingdom examples in their faith, family, and future. LEARN MORE MUSIC Leading the congregation in songs that are Christ-centered and biblically based to create an atmosphere of worship where the presence and power of God is revealed. LEARN MORE OUTREACH Jesus commands us to love our neighbor and care for the least of these. Our outreach ministry intentionally strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth and caring for others. LEARN MORE SENIORS Our seasoned saints have years of experience and wisdom. Our seniors' ministry is a place where senior adults continue to grow in Christ and serve others. LEARN MORE WOMEN Sisters! Our women's ministry is a place where women of all ages can find a safe place to heal, grow, and serve in Christ. LEARN MORE YOUTH It's a whole VIBE with our youth. Refuge Youth Ministry serves teens 12-17. Here, youth discover their identity in Christ and learn how to live it out through their gifts and talents. LEARN MORE

  • MINISTRY INTEREST FORM | Refuge Church of God

    MINISTRY INTEREST First name Last name Email Phone Whic Ministry Area? AudioVisual Children Culinary Guest Services Men Music Women Youth Submit Thank you for your interest!

  • ABOUT US | Refuge Church of God

    ABOUT US OUR MISSION Our Mission is to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ who exhibit the love of God through our STORY , STEWARDSHIP , and SERVICE . We share our STORY of how Jesus has transformed our lives. We strive to be good STEWARDS of our lives, relationships, gifts, and giving. We seek to give SERVICE to our Church and Community, near and far, until culture is impacted by Christ. What we believe WHAT WE BELIEVE IN THE ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD There is only one true God, who is the Creator of the universe, eternally existing in three distinct personalities: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are co-equal and are one God. ​ ​ JESUS, THE SON OF GOD Jesus Christ is the Son of God; He is coequal with the Father. He became man, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself as the sacrifice for the sins of all people by dying on a cross. He rose from the dead after three days, ascended to heaven, and is seated in authority at the right hand of the Father. ​ THE HOLY SPIRIT The Holy Spirit is coequal with the Father and the Son. He is in the world to make us aware of our need for the Savior, Jesus Christ. He lives in believers to manifest the character of Christ and provides believers with power for holy living, understanding of spiritual truth, and guidance for life. He also gives Christians spiritual gifts, so they might serve the church and the world. ​ THE BIBLE ​ The Bible is the inspired and infallible written Word of God. It is God’s word to all men. It was written by human authors, under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the supreme source of truth for Christian beliefs and living. Because it is inspired by God, it is truth without any mixture of error. ​ MANKIND ​ People are created in the image of God and are designed to reflect His character. Unfortunately, sin resulted in the fall of humanity and separation from God. Now, humanity is sinful by nature and by choice and is in need of a Savior for reconciliation with God. ​ SALVATION ​ We are saved by God’s grace, through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Anyone can be restored to fellowship with God through repenting, believing, and receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord. ​ THE CHURCH ​ The Church is the primary method of God in the earth to disciple men and women, and to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. ​ ETERNITY ​ God created people to exist forever. We will either exist eternally with God through forgiveness and salvation, or eternally separated from God by sin . ​ CHRIST'S RETURN ​ On the “Last Day”, Jesus will return in the “Second Coming,” there will be a resurrection of the dead, including the righteous and the wicked, and after judgment, the righteous will be rewarded, but the wicked will be punished. MEET OUR LEADERS REV. KEVIN R. OSBOURNE Senior Pastor REV. TATUM M. OSBOURNE Executive Pastor

  • GIVE | Refuge Church of God

    INVEST IN THE KINGDOM WHY GIVE? Why is giving so important? Here are five reasons why your giving matters: 1. As Jesus Followers, we are commanded to give. It's an act of obedience and faith! 2. It's your way of financially investing in the work of the Church here on earth. You become a Change Maker! 3. It helps to fund the various missions and outreach initiatives. You help to transform the lives of others! 4. It assists in the day-to-day administrative maintenance and management of the church facility, staff, and volunteers. It helps us to be good stewards of the people and property God has given us! 5. God loves a cheerful giver! It makes God's heart joyous! Discover b elow our 5 WA YS TO GIVE . ​

  • TIMES & DIRECTIONS | Refuge Church of God

    GET CONNECTED CONTACT + INFO CONTACT FORM SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY AT 12PM Join us every Sunday at 12 Noon for our weekly worship service. For other events and activities check out our events page or connect with us on our Social Media platforms. CHURCH DETAILS OUR ADDRESS: 595 Quincy St Brooklyn , NY 11221 OUR PHONE NUMBER: (718) 574-0040 DIRECTIONS GET IN TOUCH Got Questions? Need Information? Send us a message and we will get back to you. S E N D Your message was sent! EXPLORE THE SITE ABOUT OUR CHURCH MINISTRIES UPCOMING EVENTS LIVESTREAM SERVICE

  • PASTOR KEVIN | Refuge Church of God

    Email: An ordained minister of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), Rev. Kevin Osbourne has served as the Lead Pastor of Refuge Church of God in Brooklyn, New York, for the past sixteen years, with his partner in life and ministry, Rev. Tatum Monique Osbourne. They have been married for twenty-five years. Rev. Osbourne was raised and groomed for ministry at the Lafayette Avenue Church of God (Brooklyn, New York) under the stellar leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Evan Bromley Marshall. A Brooklyn native, he gave his heart to the Lord on June 21, 1984, at twelve. He accepted the call to ministry on January 20, 1996, and began his journey armed with enthusiasm. ​ He is an anointed and unique gift to the Body of Christ's commission to proclaim God's liberating, life-changing word to this present age. Rev. Osbourne's unique gospel presentation enables him to minister across gender, generational, and ethnic lines. As he is affectionately known, Pastor Kev received his early education at the Epiphany Lutheran School and James Madison High School. Rev. Osbourne holds a bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a minor in Business Journalism from Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY). He also earned a Bachelor of Theology from the Southern California School of Ministry (Inglewood, CA). He holds several citations and awards for his work in the community and church. ​ Rev. Osbourne is the current President and State Pastor for the Eastern New York General Assembly and the Eastern New York Ministerial Assembly of the Church of God, giving leadership and oversight to twenty churches. He also serves the Bedford-Stuyvesant community as the 81st Precinct Clergy Council president. Rev. Osbourne is the Executive Director of the C.A.R.E. (Correction AssistanceResponse for Employees) for the New York City Department of Correction, serving the nearly 9,500 uniformed and civilian employees. On a national level, he was honored to serve as the National Inspirational Youth Convention president under the auspices of the National Association of the Church of God from 2012 - 2015.

  • KIDS CHURCH REGISTRATION | Refuge Church of God

    Jesus said, "Don't stop children from coming to me! Children like these are part of the kingdom of God." (God's Word Translation) Children matter to Jesus, and they matter to us! We believe in investing in our children. We take seriously the safety, well-being, and nurture of our children and their parents/guardians. All of our KIDS CHURCH volunteers are vetted with background checks on file. At Refuge's KID CHURCH, children learn to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, build healthy self-esteem, value community, and serve others. ​ So, what does a day at KIDS CHURCH look like: Prayer Biblical Life Lesson Offering Snack Time (light snacks, please notify of allergies on the form below). Return to the main sanctuary to reunite with parents/guardians. KID CHURCH REGISTRATION Complete the form below Parent/Guardian First name Parent/Guardian Last name Email Phone Child Name Child Name Child Name Child Name Age Age Age Age Allergies? Allergies? Allergies? Allergies? Submit Thanks for registering your child. See you in KIDS Church!

  • VOLUNTEER SIGNUP | Refuge Church of God

    Volunteer Thank you for making this commitment to serve First name Last name Email Code Select Phone Ministry Area Submit Thanks for registering.

  • PASTOR TATUM | Refuge Church of God

    Email: Rev. Tatum Monique Osbourne is a worshiper, wife, pastor, counselor, social justice advocate, and author. She is an ordained minister of the Church of God Reformation Movement (Anderson, IN). For thirty years, Rev. Osbourne has been active in Christian ministry. A native of the beautiful island of Barbados, she was raised and educated in Brooklyn, New York. Rev. Osbourne earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Mid-America Christian University (Oklahoma City, OK). She holds a Master's in Counseling Applied Behavioral Science from her alma mater. Rev. Osbourne is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA), concentrating her work on Counseling and Psychological Studies with an emphasis in International Affairs. Rev. Osbourne is the Founder and Executive Director of We Rise 365, Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to revitalize underserved communities by empowering, educating, and equipping young men and women of color to bring transformational leadership where they live. She serves as the Executive Pastor of the Refuge Church of God located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, under the leadership of her husband, Rev. Kevin Osbourne. Rev. Osbourne sits on the Presbytery Board of the Berean Fellowship of Churches (Columbus, OH) under the leadership of Bishop Timothy J. Clarke. She is honored to be the Church of God's representative on the Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Executive Board. She serves on the Ministries Council of the Church of God Ministries (Anderson, IN), representing the Northeast region. Rev. Osbourne speaks extensively at churches, conferences, workshops, and other outlets throughout the United States and the Caribbean. In 2018, she became the first woman to preach at the national convention for the Church of God Reformation Movement Barbados in its 113-year history. She is honored to be a contributing writer for "Welcomed Wisdom" by Clytemnestra L. Clarke (2013), the Christian Women Connection's "Women Changing the World" Devotional (2017), and the Christian Women Connection's Devotional, "Women Shaping the World," (2019). In 2015, Rev. Osbourne released her first book, "The Inspired Life: 400 Power Thoughts to Inspired Your Life." A revised edition and companion journal were released in March 2020. Rev. Osbourne has been honored to receive two citations from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, for her impact as a leading Christian woman and Community Advocate (2014 and 2015). In 2021, Rev. Osbourne received the President of the United States Lifetime Achievement Award for her commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service. She is a proud member of the American Psychological Association, the NAACP, and the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. She and her husband have been married for twenty-five years. They reside in Brooklyn, New York.

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